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The Povertist is a prospective leading magazine specialising in poverty issues in developing countries. It was founded in 2007 originally as a private blog just to share personal experiences about international development. Having a new website in 2013, its role has been extended largely as a knowledge sharing platform, where poverty specialists could publish their experiences and opinions about rising issues in reality.


In the late 2000s, the international community was frequently arguing that poverty was not only about economy but more complex challenge among education, health, sanitation, nutrition, employment and so on. Despite such understanding on multidimensional poverty, those specialists who worked for poverty reduction on the field actually tended to represent particular traditional sectors. They were usually called ‘economist’ or ‘social scientist’ etc. We then noticed that there was no word to describe poverty specialists, although everybody realised poverty as not just economics or social science. Why not ‘povertist’? The povertist should be equipped with a wide range of mixed knowledge and skills on several subjects to reduce or ease poverty. We certainly named our magazine ‘The Povertist’ after ‘The Economist’ as literally shown. But we rather hope that it will become as influential as the well-known British magazine in the future while publishing different perspectives to poverty specific issues.


Share experiences, comments and analysis of poverty specialists
Promote discussion on policies and approaches in relation to poverty issues.
Become an internationally recognised magazine on poverty reduction.