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The Povertist is always keen to hear from readers and experts with an interest in writing. Whether you’re interested in breaking news stories, or want to give your opinion on a hot royal topic, we can work with you to get your ideas published through our channel.

The Povertist is an online magazine and a knowledge sharing platform, where specialists can share their experiences and opinions about poverty and development related issues in developing countries. If you are interested in joining us, do not hesitate to contact us.

Welcome Development/Poverty Experts

All the professionals in international development are welcome to write, including practitioners, researchers, students, bi- or multi-lateral international aid workers, government officials, NGO officers and business persons. You do not have to have had extensive experience.

Topic and Style

You can write on any topics related to poverty and development. The Povertist believes in complexity of poverty in developing countries, so approaches should also be diverse. If you are specialists in inequality, social protection, climate change, education, health, agriculture, nutrition, infrastructure, industrial policy or business, take advantage of your expertise. The povertist and our readers are willing to hear your opinion.

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The Povertist has two separate windows for you, including Op-Ed and Letter to the Editor. Please have a look the following instruction and submit your article. We accept articles that have already appeared on other media.



30 October 2015