Poverty and Inequality (2014-2015)

1. Institute

University of Sussex – Institute of Development Sussex (IDS)

2. Programme

MA in Poverty and Development

3. Course

Poverty and Inequality (2014-2015)

4. Reading List

Session 1: The Evolution of Main Thinking around the Definitions and Measures of Poverty
Session 2: Poverty Measures I
Session 3: DATA: Where does It Come from, How We Use It, and How It Influences Our Understanding of Poverty and Inequality
Session 4: Wellbeing, Poverty and Inequality
Session 5: Poverty Measures II
Session 6: The Economics Behind Core Poverty and Inequality Concepts
Session 7: Causes and Determinants of Inequality Traps
Session 8: The Contexts in Which Poverty and Inequality Traps Occur: the Rural and the Urban
Session 9: Analysing Poverty and Poverty Profiles

5. General Readings

6. Reference

Reading Lists Online – Institute of Development Studies (IDS)