Poverty, Violence and Conflict (2013-2014)

1. Institute

University of Sussex – Institute of Development Sussex (IDS)

2. Programme

MA in Poverty and Development

3. Course

Poverty, Violence and Conflict (2013-2014)

4. Reading List

Session 1: Causes and Triggers of violent conflict
Session 2: The Impact of Violent Conflicts on Household Welfare and Human Capital
Session 3: Household-Level Coping Strategies During and After Violent Conflicts
Session 4:  Local Institutional Change and Household Welfare During Violent Conflict
Session 5: Livelihoods and Conflict
Session 6: Urban Violence

5. General Readings

Justino, Patricia. 2010. War and Poverty.

Blattman, C., and Miguel, E. 2010. Civil war.

6. Reference

Reading Lists Online – Institute of Development Studies (IDS)