Social Safety Nets Core Course (2013)

1. Institute

World Bank – Social Protection and Labour

2. Programme

Social Safety Nets Core Course

3. Course

Social Safety Nets Core Course (2013)

4. Reading List

Session 1: Social Protection Concepts, Introduction to the Course

Session 2: What are Social Safety Nets, What Do They Achieve and at What Cost?

Session 3: Global Evolution in Social Safety Nets

Session 4: Interactive Session

Session 5: Equity Day: Reaching the bottom 40%. What do we need to do differently and why?

Session 6: Growth is Stil Good for the Poor

Session 7: More Relatively Poor People in a Less Absolutely Poor World

Session 8: Inequality, Opportunity, Mobility: How to Slide Down the Great Gatsby Curve

Session 9: Poverty and Vulnerability Concepts

Session 10: Poverty and vulnerability analysis: how to use poverty indicators?

Session 11: Costing social protiection: defining targets and scope for SSN programs

Session 12: Overview of Cash Transfers/ Conditional Cash Transfers

Session 13: Poverty ADEPT and is use of Safety Nets Design

Session 14: Nutrition Sensitive Social Protection

Session 15: Assessing Coverage with ADEPT 

Session 16: Stages in the Safety Nets Process and the Backbone (MIS)

Session 17: Targeting and Eligibility Determination

Session 18: Payment Systems

Session 19: Assessing, targeting performance with ADEPT 

Session 20: Governance, accountability and political economy issues in Safety Net design

Session 21: Assessing the Impact of Safety Nets: Methods and Application

Session 22: Gender Issues in Safety Nets Design

Session 23: Social Assistance vs. Social Pensions

Session 24: Tanzania: Buliding a Productive Social Safety Net

Session 25: WFP, Resilience and Safety Nets

Session 26: Public Works

Session 27: Innovations in Public Employment Programs

Session 28: Analysis of the Operation of “Oportunidades” at times of Disasters in Mexico

Session 29: Disability in Safety Net Design and Delivery

Session 30: Addressing the Youth Employment Challenge

Session 31: Youth Employment in Sub-Saharan Africa

Session 32: Activation of Safety Nets Beneficiaries and Active Inclusion in Western Balkans

Session 33: Reducing Fraud, Error and Corruption in Social Protection Programs

5. General Readings

World Bank. 2012. South-South Learning Forum 2012: Building Resilience and Opportunity.

World Bank. 2010. South-South Learning Forum 2010: Making Public Works Work.

World Bank. 2009. Conditional Cash Transfers.

Bundy, Donald, et al. 2009. Rethinking school feeding social safety nets, child development, and the education sector.

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6. Reference

World Bank Core Course on Safety Nets