Cabby Talk on Development

photo credit: Emanuele
photo credit: Emanuele
Talking with taxi drivers is one of my favourite activities. Wherever we go, we can find them. They are sometimes called differently like Motodop (bike taxi) in Cambodia, Tuk Tuk (three wheel bike) in Thailand, Cab in the United States. But they are in common at one point. Taxi drivers know very well what happens in the country and the world. They listen to the radio, read news papers and discuss hot topics with their colleagues and passengers.

As development workers, researchers or povertist, we are very much aware of such information everyday. But we hardly hear real voice but mostly from media. My experience with taxi drivers tells that their views often represent public voice, accumulated through a lot of conversation with other drivers and passengers.

I recommend to talk to taxi drivers if one want to know the latest news and public opinions. Here, I would like to share some stories with taxi drivers from now on.

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