Climate Change Changes Climate?

photo credit: Dan Nguyen @ New York City via photopin cc
photo credit: Dan Nguyen @ New York City via photopin cc

Would bad climate in rich countries change climate change back to normal?

Landing at Tokyo after a long journey from England, the airport was crying in the rain. Tokyo was completely slammed with a historic snowfall on February 8. Fortunately or unfortunately, we safely landed and saw no transport service to the city and no accommodation around the airport. No train and no bus were in service. After waiting for a taxi in the long queue for an hour outside below zero, we finally found a taxi to go home. On the way, we saw aside many car accidents. Taxi was stuck in snow and the driver asked me to push the car. Tokyo was experiencing unexpected climate.

Unlike the past few years, climate change hits rich countries this year. California suffers the most severe drought for a century and affects the food supply system to the people all over the country. Obama therefore committed one million dollar to help the state. After 250 years, the largest storm and flood stroke the southern England. Actually, I was there and saw a farm in the lake on the way down to Brighton. Again in USA, Washington D.C. closed several times due to snow.

Under these serious circumstances in their own countries, the leaders need to pay greater attention to implementing coping strategies and disaster risk managements. Climate change has been a ‘global’ issue for the rich. But now, climate change seems to become a ‘domestic’ issue for them too.

I am not a climatologist. But as a citizen of rich nation and a development practitioner, I feel like a political environment among climate change has been more and more important in the domestic context. If international development functions as technology transfers to the developing countries, those rich countries which experience disaster risk management might try to export technology, knowledge and human resources with fund to the developing countries afterwards.

Climate change in the rich nations potentially changes climate to the positive direction in the long run.

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