Developed Media in Developing Country

photo credit: Micky.! via photopin cc
photo credit: Micky.! via photopin cc

We have yet to escape the nightmare. The Kenyan shopping centre attack left catastrophe and sadness to Kenyan, aid workers and all the other witness in the world. The investigation of the incidence is still ongoing. The world awaits the further analysis behind the incidence.

While witnessing the rescue operation on the internet, we ironically recognised the development of internet media in Kenya as well as the Kenyan tie to help people.

The Daily Nation, a Kenyan leading newspaper, was updating the latest information in real time. NTV Kenya was broadcasting the site and the operation on You Tube for free.

Both media called for blood donations, and thousands of Kenyan immediately gathered at the hospital to donate their blood. The media also called for donations to those households who lost family members, through M-PESA, a remittance system operated by Safaricom, and immediately raised millions of shillings.

Besides, the official announcements were released both by the government and the attacker on Twitter while widely spreaded on social networking services like Facebook and Twitter.

Ironically, the world saw the highly developed Media in the developing country. It is a phenomenon in developing countries for the recent decades.

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