Identification of Poor Households programme (ID Poor)


The National Identification of Poor Households programme (ID Poor) is a nationwide targeting means for the poor in Cambodia. Its development is led by the Ministry of Planning in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior and updated biennially. Currently, the ID Poor database is mainly used for determining beneficiaries of social protection interventions under the proposed National Social Protection Strategy (NSPS). Initially, the programme and its database are developed mobilising the resource of Health Equity Funds (HEFs). Therefore, the covered areas of ID Poor are basically the same as those of HEFs.


From its start in 2007 to the year of 2009, the programme fully or partially covered 18 provinces including 7,347 villages, and the database will be biennially updated. Technically, based on economic indicators, households are given scores and divided into 3 differential groups (Poverty Level 1: Very Poor; Poverty Level 2: Poor; and Non-Poor). In addition, non-economic indicators are also available. These additional indicators might be taken into consideration once the Village Representative Group (VRG) discusses and considers that these indexes have great impact on a household.

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