Social Protection and Chronic Poverty in Cambodia: What types of Social Protection interventions reduce chronic poverty?


Ippei Tsuruga, MA Student of Institute of Development Studies, UK


Prepared for MA dissertation.


Not for circulation.


This dissertation aims to consider the potential of Social Protection interventions against chronic poverty in Cambodia. Through an asset-based approach in order to identify the chronic poor and their major coping strategies against common shocks, this study attempts to suggest an effective social protection framework for the reduction of chronic poverty in the county. Effective interventions to reduce chronic poverty need to achieve two different levels of goals in each period of time: namely, sustaining household livelihood by providing stable income in the short-term and increasing their own capacity for sustainable income generation in the long-term; and conditional cash transfers might have the potential for success.
Key words – Cambodia, Chronic Poverty, Social Protection, Asset-based approach, Capacity Building, Conditional Cash Transfers (CCT)

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