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Just Give Money to the Poor

Just Give Money to the Poor” was authored by leading scholars of Chronic Poverty Research Centre in 2010. As 3 years have passed since the publication, the major topics of social protection differ now. But this book offers timeless values for those who would like to catch up or brush up some key discussions around the issue.
Referring to case studies mainly from Mexico and Brazil, the book covers traditional debates and provides pros and cons for each question.

  • Should cash transfers target or not target the beneficiaries? (Targeting v.s. Universal)
  • What should deliver to the poor? (Food v.s. Cash)
  • Should cash transfers be conditional or not? (Conditional v.s. Unconditional)
  • Does “just give money to the poor” make them lazy?

Although the impact and necessity of cash transfer programmes has almost become a common sense in the development community, some people still oppose the idea to just give money to the poor and recommend traditional technical cooperation on health, education, and livelihood improvement.
Certainly. Cash transfers are never a magic bullet for poverty. But it can provide a basis of national social protection framework in developing countries.
If you still see such colleagues at you office, just give them this book.
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