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My War Diary: Gaza My Soul – Day 3

photo credit: Lives Some Live
photo credit: Lives Some Live

Today was relatively quiet in our area, and that is not because the situation is getting better but because they were busy in other areas. We are sad all the time because of what we see in the news and the families that have lost their lives… So many parents have lost their children and so many children are orphans now. My little sister, who was screaming during a bombing, asked me where can we go, which area in the strip is safe so we can go?

There are no answers for these questions. The whole area is one big target, everyone is scared and we are all worried that they might start a land operation; especially that Israel is seriously considering cutting off water, electricity and Internet from Gaza Strip. I have no energy today, I will leave you with a picture of how children in Gaza sleep, thinking that closing your ears will stop you from hearing the strikes.


* This article is originally posted Lives Some Live. – This is a 51 day war account of the how daily lives during the third war on Gaza unfolded one day to the next for its devastated and grieving citizens. This is a heartbreaking nightmare. War is not just the numbers nor the political rhetoric it often masks itself in. In the end, it is about people coming to an abrupt end; and the continuum of life stabbed in the heart. In the end, it is about fear; constant fear, till cease fire is declared.

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