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My War Diary: Gaza My Soul – Day 4

photo credit: Lives Some Live
photo credit: Lives Some Live

Houses are no longer warned before they are bombed. Entire families have been killed and photos of injured and dead children are coming on a daily basis. Every picture is a story of its own. It is a face of a family who once was happy, safe and whole. Families that from now on will never be the same and will always grieve a beloved. It is very difficult to choose the hardest situation to talk about when every single situation is hard and matters. Yet, your tears will run in front of parents grieving their child, standing helpless, not knowing what do. What do you tell the elderly when they lose their children and their grandchildren?

Despite this, with everything going on here, there is no other place in the world I would rather be. With the madness still going on, it is funny how one changes the way of comforting oneself and those around us. First we convince ourselves that the strikes are far away and the only thing one has to deal with are the sounds. Then when the sounds are getting closer and closer we convince ourselves that as long as we hear the rocket then we will be safe, as it will land somewhere else. The one rocket that will kill you, is the one you will not hear…


* This article is originally posted Lives Some Live. – This is a 51 day war account of the how daily lives during the third war on Gaza unfolded one day to the next for its devastated and grieving citizens. This is a heartbreaking nightmare. War is not just the numbers nor the political rhetoric it often masks itself in. In the end, it is about people coming to an abrupt end; and the continuum of life stabbed in the heart. In the end, it is about fear; constant fear, till cease fire is declared.

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