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My War Diary: Gaza My Soul – Day 7

photo credit: Lives Some Live
photo credit: Lives Some Live

Remember that car that was bombed day before yesterday? The driver who was fighting for his life lost the battle today, after suffering severe injuries in his head. He was targeted while he was on duty as an employee of local municipality to ensure that houses get the water they need. He was bombed while driving a municipality car. He is one of the many who have been on duty since the beginning of the war, especially doctors working 24/7 doing there best in the light of limited resources in the hospitals. Most of them have not gone home since last seven days and on top of that while fasting in the holy month of Ramadan, how, when and where will they break their fast? Certainly not in the operation room!

Amongst the Palestinian doctors you will find a Norwegian doctor who came to Gaza once the war started, marking his presence in all three recent wars on Gaza Strip. These doctors are not just giving their time and energy but also their lives as they are an equal target, especially paramedics who never hesitate to go out and help who need their help. They are the ones who deserve the world cup of bravery.


* This article is originally posted Lives Some Live. – This is a 51 day war account of the how daily lives during the third war on Gaza unfolded one day to the next for its devastated and grieving citizens. This is a heartbreaking nightmare. War is not just the numbers nor the political rhetoric it often masks itself in. In the end, it is about people coming to an abrupt end; and the continuum of life stabbed in the heart. In the end, it is about fear; constant fear, till cease fire is declared.

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