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My War Diary: Gaza My Soul – Day 9

photo credit: Lives Some Live
photo credit: Lives Some Live

Since day one of this war children were a target like anyone else. Children from different age groups- from unborn in the womb of their mother, to newly born upto teenagers have lost their lives. They were targeted in different areas- homes, streets, cars and mosques. Today 4 children aged 11, 10, 10 and 9, who were playing on the beach in Gaza Strip were targeted by Israeli military ships. They didn’t stand a chance and were killed immediately. In the very first picture down here you will see that a nearby area from the children was targeted first, so that the children start running for shelter. Then they were immediately targeted leaving them dead and others wounded.

Those Israeli ships with all the technology they have would have never mistaken them for freedom fighters or even civilian adults. It was crystal clear to them that they are children, just innocent children playing on the beach. If this single crime doesn’t convince you that Israel is a forced-state of terrorism then nothing else will. And I am not going to apologise for the cruelty of the pictures.


* This article is originally posted Lives Some Live. – This is a 51 day war account of the how daily lives during the third war on Gaza unfolded one day to the next for its devastated and grieving citizens. This is a heartbreaking nightmare. War is not just the numbers nor the political rhetoric it often masks itself in. In the end, it is about people coming to an abrupt end; and the continuum of life stabbed in the heart. In the end, it is about fear; constant fear, till cease fire is declared.

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