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Nigerian Illegal Refinery Mirrors Poverty

s-medium_4560583670The poor sometimes make a live from illegal activities. Certainly, they do not want to do so but have no choice.

The Guardian reported with a video clip about illegal oil refinery operated by Nigerian locals in the Niger delta. John Vidal, a guardian correspondent, reported,

Lack of employment and poverty push Nigerians to work in illegal oil refineries in the Niger delta.

In the region, the Western oil majors extract and ship out oil to refine in other countries; and import back to the country to sell. The region lacks refinery facilities, human resources and technology to do it on their own. The country is both oil producer and importer.

In spite of possessing rich natural resources, many Nigerian still live in poverty without jobs. The country has been making little success in investing oil income in generating robust industries in the past. The situation partially creates inequality and social tension.

Nowadays, Nigeria has ironically become a lesson for some African countries. As technology and research progress, there are recently more countries becoming resource-rich like Kenya and Ghana; and they try to learn from Nigeria not to become like but have strong industry to create jobs.

Industrialisation in Africa has been called upon by many researchers recently. A Joseph Stiglitz led research team released a report to draw attention to ‘Industrialisation of Africa’. Also, the World Bank annual report was on ‘Jobs’.

Industrialisation is one of important development agenda for Africa. The development community discusses how to utilise natural resources for pro-poor or sustainable growth in long-term. Creating jobs in the development process could play a crucial role to bridge growth and poverty reduction in Africa.

Nigerians risk death working at illegal oil refineries

photo credit: Sosialistisk Ungdom – SU via photopin cc

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