Southeast Asia Report 10: Central Market in Vientian

November 14, 2007 Vientiane (Laos)

Lao Currency
Lao Currency

“Shopping in the Morning Market”

Today was a meeting day to a worker. At 8: 30 in this morning, I went to buy a shirt to a morning market called Talat Sao at the city centre, because I had only two T-shirts with spots, which were not proper to meet people. There were a few shops opened, although it was named Morning Market. Anyway, I looked for a blue one. When I found good one and asked the price, a shopkeeper said 350 Baht (=10.5$), which was amazingly expensive for me here. So I asked discount to 200 Baht (=6.5$). It was a sort of bet. She said, “I can’t”. Instead, she offered 280 Baht (=9$) and I answered, “No, 250 Baht (=8$)”. Then, she gave in. Thinking about my small budget, it was still a high price for that shirt. However, compared to that quality, it was not very expensive. I wondered how much she had bought it at first.

Breakfast & Lunch 22000kip
Drink 13500kip
Internet 9000kip
Guest House 5US$
Shirt 250B (=8$)
Total 44500kip + 13 $ (=18$)

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