Southeast Asia Report 12: Bus in Laos

November 15, 2007 Vientiane (Laos)


“Who is she?”

It was lovely weather. I tried to go to Buddha Park, but I gave up when I saw overcrowded people in a bus to that place. Although that bus was a little bigger than a van for 8 people, there were roughly 30 local travellers getting in it. It was absolutely amazing but usual for locals.

After leaving a bus centre, I am having late breakfast now. It is 11 am. On my right back, there is an Asian woman eating noodle. At first, I thought she was Japanese but now I guess she is Chinese. Her English accent sounds like my Chinese friends’. When she got her noodle, she ordered a small bowl. Then she got it soon. Next, she asked, “Can I have a lime? “, I remember. In a couple of minutes, she got a glass of lime juice. She claimed she wanted to have a lime fruit and got real one. A person who orders small things seems Japanese. After meal, she went away with a Lao man. Is he her boyfriend? Who is she? It is a mystery.

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