Southeast Asia Report 19: Trouble with Moto Dop in Takeo

November 17, 2007 Takeo (Cambodia)

By the lake, Takeo
By the lake, Takeo


When I got at Takeo, I asked moto drivers where a guest house I found in my Lonely Planet was. But nobody knew that place except for one of them. A driver asked his friend in a computer shop where it was, and then he took me there. I booked a room with fan for 5$. Then, he offered to take me around the city for 3000 riel (0.75$). I said “Yes”. In fact, it was really good touring. But afterward, he asked me for more than 0.75$ offered before and I paid 1.5$. I spoke to him in Cambodian because he could not speak English. My poor Cambodian caused a misunderstanding between us. That was a good experience.

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