Southeast Asia Report 2: Sex in the City Bangkok

November 9, 2007 “An interesting person” Beijing (China)


The Beijing Airport was not very nice. When I got there, I had no idea what to do. So I asked an officer about something, but she was talking to somebody on her mobile. Then, I tried to have dinner in the airport, but I couldn’t exchange my 1000 Yen for Chinese Yuan because it was too small amount. I was absolutely starving and exhausted.

There was only one good thing happened, when I hang around the lounge in the departure lounge. A white man tried talking to me. His name is Steven, who has a work experience in Japan for 12 years and works as a banker in Hong Kong. I felt he was a manager because he was so attractive and asked a lot of intelligent questions. I told him why I would go to Bangkok, before he said,”You are absolutely pure. Go on your way in the future”.

He had been in many places of Asia for his business reasons for over 20 years. He said Japan had finished at 1995 in terms of bank businesses. In his opinion, I would have to be careful in Bangkok. Otherwise, I would change to be impure. He also told me that he hated backpackers, and then, I said with full of smiles, “It’s me”. “I know. I know you are,” he said with smile as well. We shook hands and said good-bye.

Finally, I got the airplane to Bangkok at 12 am.

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