Southeast Asia Report 21: Olympic Stadium in Phnom Penh

November 18, 2007 Phnom Penh (Cambodia)

From our bus's window
From our bus’s window

“Olympic stadium”

I have just been back from Takeo. Phnom Penh is rapidly developing. When I came here last year, I felt Cambodia was a real developing country. It was very fresh for me to see this city. But now, I think this capital is different from other places in this country.

On one side, there were a number of children running around without clothes in the city centre of Takeo and their mothers were washing their children by using water in the central market. I could also find huge rice field around that city and the beautiful river and lake in Takeo. On the other hand, Phnom Penh has hundreds of people, huge buildings, dirty streets and air. How would you feel if you saw these different types of cities?

After realising that Canadian bank was closed today, I popped in the Olympic stadium. I do not think Cambodia has held an Olympic game before. Football games were being held at that time. Then, the players suddenly started fighting each other, when one player got a red card. Actually, it was not a good game. My high school team would be better.

By the way, my camera was broken. I do not know why.

Drinks 3000riel
Beer 3000riel
Internet 5000riel (2h 15min)
Guest house ×2 days 12US$
Moto 2000riel
Bus to Phnom Penh 7000riel
Dinner 5000riel
Total 16.25$


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