Southeast Asia Report 22: Development Career

November 19, 2007 Phnom Penh (Cambodia)

An ex-classroom used for execution
An ex-classroom used for execution

“Talking to myself”

With a couple of beer, I was thinking about my career as a development worker especially in developing regions. There are many of those professionals from Japan working with very lower salaries in comparison with businessmen. Development does not mean charity or volunteer but something we have to do. How come can I achieve both private and career goals? That was my question.

Water 1000riel
Beer×2 6000riel
Moto 1000riel
Telephone 1600riel
Toul Sleng fee 2$
Internet 6000riel
Trousers 14$
Breakfast & Lunch & Dinner 17000riel
Total 23.55$


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