Southeast Asia Report 23: Internet Cafe in Phnom Penh

November 20, 2007 Phnom Penh (Cambodia)

Meeting at the office
Meeting at the office

“The wind pushing me forward”

Today, I got a lot of news. The non-governmental organisation I have been working as a volunteer in Japan asked me to help their projects. Of course, I emailed back soon to accept all of them. Tomorrow, I am going to go to interview students who are studying at Sensok, a rural area of Phnom Penh, and have got awards from the Cambodian government. Actually, I am going to go there with one of its officers and people of a TV station from our town. They seemed interested in interviewing me as well as Sensok’s people. To be honest, it is very good news for me, as I love being interviewed, asked and famous! But I have not told my supervisor about my trip to Southeast Asia. This is a secret travel. So I cannot turn up on TV before telling him about it.

Bike bike bike
Bike bike bike

I talked to the NGO person about her carrier and my career plan. She told me the Japanese governmental aid organisation would give specialists good salaries. NGOs are much more flexible, so that they can make their own projects and do with what they want to do. There are surely good and bad sides with both of them. She used to work in Zambia as a specialist on public health from the organisation for 5 years. Her advice was ‘Getting a master degree oversees anyway.’ She meant a MA was necessary to work in international organisations on development.

Well, I have to go to bed early tonight. Now, it is 9. 30 pm. Tomorrow, I will need to leave here at 6 am. So it is time to bed.

Water 1000riel
Moto to the Health Centre 0.5$
TukTuk to the airport 3.5$
Internet 4000riel
Breakfast & Dinner 13500riel
Total 15$

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