Southeast Asia Report 24: Slum School in Phnom Penh

November 21, 2007 Phnom Penh (Cambodia)

I have got my mom’s email. It said my IELTS score was not enough for me to have unconditional offers from universities in the UK. I need 7. This result makes me a bit depressed. I would like to study Development Studies there next year. Anyway, I am going to apply. Be positive myself!

Having got up at 5.30 am, I went to see an NGO worker who I had met yesterday. And then, we met the rest of two at the hospital. One is an caster of one of the famous TV programme in Takamatsu, Japan. He took holiday and came to Cambodia by himself for making a short documentary about a old but powerful woman. He used to work for another TV station in Oita, but he gave up that work when he decided to join the Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers programme.

2 years later, he finished his mission and became an caster in Kagawa. His work place is not very big, so he came here alone. Before coming here, he seemed to go to join a marathon race in Hawai, which were likely to be for his programme. He is really powerful and cheerful. He spoke to a Cambodian driver in Japanese and made it. During the whole day, he was taking videos several times until having good one as he said, “I’m not good at camera, so I need to spend more time than professionals in one sceine.” I think he is a professional.

I also met the woman working as a senior volunteer of the Japan International Cooperation Agency. When she retired her work as a nurse, she, at first, thought she wanted to play and be relax but not to work anymore. After a year passed, she noticed that life style was pretty boring. Then, she join the programme, even though she had never been to Cambodia, even overseas. But now, she can speak Kmer well as she has been studying the language with her teacher.

Drinks 1000riel
Beer 6000riel
Internet 2000riel
Guest house 6US$
Telephone 600riel
Breakfast & Dinner 9500riel
Total 13$

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