Southeast Asia Report 25: Pol Pot and Land Mine in Pailin

November 21, 2007 Phnom Penh (Cambodia)
The rank of TukTuk seems to be above Moto. “Several years ago, I was a moto driver but somebody stole my precious bike with my work one day. It wasn’t very cheap for us to buy new one, you know. Then, I started working for a taxi company as a car driver. I remember it was a Japanese car, really good. At the same time, I was studying English at night school so that now I can speak it. Even though a tuktuk was much more expensive, about 1000US$ , than a moto, it’s chosen for safe. Now, I earn 5 to 10 bucks a day and extra bonus like 30$ sometimes.”

Drinks 1000riel
Beer 6000riel
Internet 2000riel
Guest house 6US$
Telephone 600riel
Breakfast & Dinner 9500riel
Total 13$


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