Southeast Asia Report 27: Bus from Phnom Penh to Battambang

November 22, 2007 Battambang (Cambodia)

Phnom Penh has a million people, while Battambang has a lot of rice fields. This is the most famous agricultural area in this country. This city is the provincial city but such a tiny city actually. Going out of the city by bike, there are not very good roads but are just red soil roads. People live along the roads with cow and many animals.
When I got to the bus terminal of Battambang, I looked for a woman from a local NGO who I phoned yesterday. There was no such person though. Then, I called in again, and finally, she picked me up after 10 minutes.
Her son, who is the same age as me and studying at university, followed her with me by bike and we got at Homeland orphanage. At the time, children played roles in their class. Suddenly, a teacher introduced me to their kids and the introductions of all students started. Some spoke English. Others did Kmer. The range of children’s ages were 8 to 16 years.
Bus to Battambang 25000riel
Guest house 5US$
Snack 1500riel
Breakfast 5500riel
Total 13$

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