Laos, Thailand

Southeast Asia Report 3: Railway from Bangkok to Vientian

November 10, 2007 “Change my plan” Bangkok (Thailand)

At the Bangkok station
At the Bangkok station

At 3 am, I finally got to Bangkok, but one of my Thai friends didn’t turn up. I decided to stay over the night in the airport, before going into the city at 7 am by bus. After exchanging 50 US$ for 1600Bahts (1$ = 31B), I took a shuttle bus for 150B, which was a bit expensive for me. In the bus, I saw an Italian man with a big blue backpack. He was going to Pakse in Laos.

Actually, I had nothing to do in Bangkok without my friend. I wanted to leave for poorer areas as soon as possible, because Bangkok has a number of huge buildings and everything is similar to the big city in Japan. There were no big differences from Tokyo or Osaka in my opinion.

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