Southeast Asia Report 4: Railway from Bangkok to Khon Kaen

November 10, 2007 “A small city” Khon Kaen (Thailand)


I decided to go to Khon Kaen where it takes 8 hours from Bangkok toward north by local train. I paid my ticket for 399B and also bought a bottle of water (10B), a snack (10B) and a pan cake (10B). My budget is 15$ (= 500B) a day, so I’ve already been nearly broke.
I ordered a box of fried rice for lunch when a guard of the train came to ask what kind of food people wanted to eat for lunch. Although I didn’t understand what he was saying at first, I got only two words of 25B and lunch. Then, he got off and bought their passengers’ meals. My meal was pretty tasty.
At the Khon Kaen station, I saw a French guy, Olivia, who was a backpacker, when I was queuing to ask an officer how to go to Nhon Khai. When I told him that I would stay in First Choice, he took me there. It was his accommodation. It cost 150B a night. Then, we and 2 Germany went to have dinner at the night market. It was only for 30B.
Bus to Bangkok 150 B
Underground 17B
Train to KhonKaen 399B
Food 75B
Water 20B
Guest House 150B
Total 811B (= 27$)


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