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Southeast Asia Report 8: Guest House in Vientian

November 12, 2007 Vientiane (Laos)

Hanging around the capital of Lao
Hanging around the capital of Lao

Lao will be one of the most famous tourist countries in the future. Even if the living cost grew up, it wouldn’t matter. The beautiful Mekong River, hundreds of temple and cheerful people would attract tourists. Who can ignore this wonderful country, when they decide where to go on holiday?

Today, I walked around this small capital during the whole day. Many tuktuks followed and made noise at me, but I didn’t take those. If I walked around the city, I could see people’s lives. But I couldn’t see their real lives if I did so. In fact, Vientiane is much bigger and busier than I expected. Hanging around the big city is not my purpose for my trip, so I wanted to move to another city or town as soon as possible, to feel differences.

Beer Lao
Beer Lao

However, there are two problems for me not to be able to move now. First of all, I bought an airplane ticket to Cambodia 5 days later. Second, I have an appointment to meet a person who works here in a couple of days’ time.Anyway, I still have a good time here.

By the way, I found the UNDP office in Vientiane on the map and got there. It was not very big. I thought UN officers had luxurious houses with a pool on the back yard, but actually, it may not be true. That office was surrounded by bush and there was a small board showing “UNDP”. On the other hand, the American Embassy was really big. It was guarded by three soldiers and a tall wall.

Traditional shirt 60000kip
Lunch & Dinner 22000kip
Drink 5000kip
Beer Lao 6000kip
Internet 3000kip
Guest House 5US$
Museum 10000kip
Total 106000kip + 5 $ (=16$)
*Air ticket to Phnom Penh 145$

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