Useful Data Source for Poverty Analysis

s-origin_3234126456I posted “Will Open Data Initiative End Poverty?” sometime ago, but did not share some useful links. Here are open data websites that I think useful for poverty analysis. I am happy to have some more open data sources from our readers. Please let us know if any.

1. OpenDocs

IDS Digital Repository publishes their 47 years work for free.

2. Living Standards Measurement Study

LSMS is a well-known micro-data collected by the World Bank. For research purpose, you could find and request for raw datasets.

3. Open Data for Africa

African Development Bank initiated the open data specifically for Africa.

4. Kenya Open Data

The Kenyan Government initiative is still in the process. More developing countries will be expected to open data.

5. World Bank Open Data in Stata

This page introduces an useful way of the bank’s open data like World Development Indicators using stata. To install and use this function on your stata, type the following command:

ssc install wbopendata
db wbopendata

photo credit: suzannelong via photopin cc

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