Useful Materials for Poverty Analysis

photo credit: Jody Art via photopin cc
photo credit: Jody Art via photopin cc

In his recent blog post, Lawrence Haddad, Director of Institute of Development Studies (IDS), noted that IDS opened the reading lists for their Master’s courses. Going through the content, I picked up some useful materials for poverty analysis. So I simply list them below for your reference.

1. Reading Lists for IDS Master’s Courses

It looks like the reading lists will be updated as the courses go. Giving a quick look, the list leads us to the latest literature on poverty.

2. World Bank Institute (2005) Introduction to Poverty Analysis

This is an old book but provides a good guideline for poverty analysts.

3. Asian Development Bank (2007) Poverty Handbook

This is also a guideline of ADB on poverty analysis.

4. Ivan Gachet (Web) STATA for Poverty Analysis

I reached at this website and get the above materials and find some more useful links on the web.

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