What is Multidimensional Poverty Measurement?

A previous article ‘Measuring Poverty in the Post 2015 Agenda‘ introduced some of the key ongoing discussions on poverty measurement. Multidimensional poverty measurement is now clearly shown on the high level round table. In this regard, it is worth reviewing why it is needed and what it is.

In the above video clip, Sabina Alkire very briefly answers those questions in a ODI’s workshop. The interview of James Foster below, conducted by UNU-WIDER, would tell more about multidimensional poverty in detail.

Measuring Poverty in the Post 2015 Agenda – Rising Multidimensional Poverty Measurement
Alkire & Foster (2011) Counting and multidimensional poverty measurement
OPHI Brief Note: Global Multidimensional Poverty Index
OPHI Lecture: Why Multidimensional Poverty Measures?

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