What is Your Country’s Nutrition Profile?

Thailand NCP

We have finally completed the rather mammoth task of updating all 193 nutrition country profiles for the latest version of the Global Nutrition Report.

Thanks to our fantastic data analysts and data management team at IFPRI.

The country profiles can be downloaded as 2 page PDF files here. All the data can also be downloaded as spreadsheet and STATA files.

Regional, sub-regional and a global profiles will follow shortly.

The profiles really are fantastic resource. For each country we have over 80 indicators, pulled together from various UN and other sources.

The indicators address both undernutrition and obesity, overweight and diabetes. They cover nutrition status, programme coverage, policies, underlying determinants, spending, legislation and institutional transformation.

Please use them and let us know how to make them more useful!


This post was written by Lawrence Haddad and first appeared on Development Horizons.

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