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Southeast Asia Report 12: Bus in Laos


It was lovely weather. I tried to go to Buddha Park, but I gave up when I saw overcrowded people in a bus to that place. Although that bus was a little bigger than a van for 8 people, there were roughly 30 local travellers getting in it. It was absolutely amazing but usual for locals.


Chocolate and Fair Trade

Do you like chocolates? Maybe, the answer would be “Yes”, I guess. We can buy those amazingly cheap and do not think about why those are so cheap. Probably, some people and children in Africa works for our chocolates by earning small amount of salaries.


Southeast Asia Report 11: Lost Shoes in Laos

New adidas shoes (=20$)

In this morning, somebody stole my shoes, which annoyed me. Although it was sort of my fault because I left those outside, I wanted to blame that thief. Anyway, I had to go to the market at the city centre to buy new one.